April 13, 2015

Why Is Trial Make-up Important?

I always advise my brides that they must make time for this session no matter how busy they are. It’s during this session the bride communicate all her likes or dislikes of the total styling created for her .  Take it like a rehearsal for the big day. You just don’t want heart attack on the actual day .

It’s a good chance for the artist to let the bride knows what is do-able and will look good for her.

Do adopt an open and frank communication  with your artist . Everybody’s perception of natural looking make-up is different. For some, a natural look for them is smokey eyes with a bright lipstick colour.

Show your artist, photos or clippings of hairdos and make-up that you like. If you have photo of you in your gown  will be a great help to your artist . Your artist would genuinely want you to look really good as you are their walking advertisement.

I always believe a bride who is comfortable with how she looks is the most confident and beautiful bride.

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