April 13, 2015

What Is Natural Looking Make-up?

Everyone has different views of what natural looking make-up should look like. To me, it is using make-up to enhance your features with emphasis on creating a glowing and healthy look. Much efforts is put into creating a perfect canvas by choosing a perfect shade of foundation or custom blending them . It should blend in really well with the skin tone without giving an impression that you are donning a mask or have piled on too much make-up. Great understanding of what are warm and cool colours is important here. I want to use colours that blend well with the skin natural undertone. Blending is of utmost importance !

For example, if i have warm skin undertone, i should be using more colours from the warm colour harmony and refrain from using too many colours from the cool harmony. People should be telling you that you look beautiful and radiant  and not counting how many colours you have on your eyes or what an interesting lip color you have on. We want to keep contrast to a minimum here.

Natural looking make-up is timeless . It’s the best for weddings. When you look at your wedding photos 10 or 20 years down the road, the look should not look dated.

My advice is never use trendy colours or create a particular ‘trendy look’ for your big day. You will cry 1 day looking at your photos. Your wedding day is not the time to show off how fashionable or adventurous you are with colours. You can reserve that for your thematic parties but not when you are walking down the aisle.

“I strive to make you look like yourself, only better !”

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